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When you are admitted to the hospital, please bring the following:

  • A valid identity document such as your passport, driving license or identity card
  • Your health insurance card or proof that you have health insurance
  • Your drug card or the medication you are using, preferably in its original packaging
  • Toiletries such as a comb, toothbrush, soap, shampoo (no towels or washcloths)
  • Nightwear, underwear, bathrobe and slippers
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Some coins for the locker in your room
  • The phone numbers of at least two contacts
  • Possibly the resources you use at home, such as crutches, walker or hearing aid
  • Possibly proof of registration as a donor and/or a living will
  • Possibly your dietary prescriptions, your blood group card and the card from your thrombosis service