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On the day you are discharged from hospital, you can go home around 12.00 hrs, unless otherwise agreed with you. A nurse or the department secretary will provide you with all the paperwork and your appointment card. During an exit interview, a doctor or nurse will go over all details with you. Your doctor will inform your GP about your medical examination or treatment.


Please note that when you go home, you will have to arrange your own transportation in advance. If it is medically necessary for you to be transported by taxi or ambulance, then your doctor will provide you with a written medical certificate. In most cases, your health insurance will pay for the costs for transportation. Please note that you may have to pay a contribution. Enquire with your health insurance for the exact conditions.

Home care

After having been discharged from hospital, you may still require some care. A transfer nurse will arrange the required care for you. If you are already enjoying domestic care, new arrangements may have to be made. Sometimes the services of a nursing home or rehabilitation home need to be engaged. The transfer nurse will discuss this with you well in advance.