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Your admission to the hospital is usually planned in advance. You will be informed about the admission date by letter or telephone. We will take your wishes into account wherever possible. For some treatments there is a waiting list. You will receive a phone call a few days before your admission.

Unable to attend

If you are unable to come on the day of your admission, please inform the outpatient department as soon as possible. Also inform us if you are developing a fever or if you have to use different medication shortly before your admission. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may sometimes need to postpone your admission. Of course, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Preliminary medical examination

Sometimes it is necessary to perform some preliminary medical examinations before admission, such as laboratory tests or radiology. The results of these examinations will usually be available during your admission. If the results do not allow for surgery, you will receive a phone call.


Take your medication with you to the hospital. It is important that doctors and nurses know what medication you are using and what medication may cause adverse reactions. Do not take any medication on the day of surgery without checking with your doctor first. During your hospital stay, you will receive medication from the hospital.

Loss, theft or damage

Please leave valuables such as jewellery, money or other valuables at home. The hospital is not liable for any theft, loss or damage to your property. Valuables can be kept safe for you by the hospital security staff. You will receive a receipt. You can call the reception at +31 (23) 224 0000 or ask the nurses.

Being sober and non smoking

Sometimes you need to be sober on the day of your hospital admission. This means you will not be allowed to drink or eat after 23.00 hrs the night before your admission. A sip of water to take your medication or to brush your teeth is no problem. It is sensible not to smoke during the hours before your surgery. The respiratory system of smokers is often irritated and therefore susceptible to infections. Moreover, coughing after surgery can be very painful. If you need to be sober, this will be discussed with you on beforehand.


If you are admitted to the hospital, you will need two contacts. A contact is someone you can trust, a family member or a friend. The doctor or nurse will call one of your contacts if anything particular comes up during your stay. Your contacts may ask the doctor or nurse questions. And, if you wish, contacts can be present when you consult your doctor.